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Let us not be hasty in our judgment of ourselves in this new adventure that is about to unfold. Even flopped so comfortably on her favorite chair, Aunt Jeanette Felt a jab of the old pain.

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No longer a searing agony. That had stopped a long, long time ago.

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Now it was just a little pinprick of a memory, which we call 29 Pisces, the itching of a scar,Like the nostalgic appearance of an old friend. Daily Fix. Home Blog Category. Read More. I really do. Something Wonderful?

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Or not. A personal situation in your life brings you happiness, and as you continue to nurture your emotional side, you feel a sense of heightened well-being. A joyful gathering connects you to loved ones, and you relish the moments of togetherness, and embrace the holiday spirit.

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  • Social events spark up your life, and a surprise is forthcoming, which looks promising, and relates to improving your stability, and may lead to higher prosperity. There are chances to increase your social network, and as you are a people person, you embrace the opportunity to learn and meet new contacts.

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    It is a time which results in harmony, happiness, and fulfillment, you have plans and goals for the future, but you can relax and enjoy the social interaction, and put planning off for another time. There is compelling energy at your disposal during the January 21st Super-moon in Leo, and this combines with your personal will, which provides you with fascinating insight, and heightens your ability to manifest positive outcomes.

    It takes you towards an awakening, where you leave material considerations behind and seek a higher spirituality. You glimpse the future, and this only drives your passions further, as you yearn to fully explore the potential you intuitively know is possible.

    It is a journey of infinite possibilities and unlimited power. You follow your instincts freely, and evolve your path, incorporating lessons learned, as you become one with your own personal vision. This is a journey of inner exploration, and the more you delve into your own personal view, the better you understand yourself and enable your abilities to grow, which can improve how goals manifest in your physical realm.


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    It is time to seek rejuvenation your life. As you head towards change, you cut away from toxic energy, allowing the past to fall apart. You find yourself in a difficult time, and this requires perseverance and dedication, to push through perceived barriers, and break into fresh ground. You have been working hard, and having to deal with many demands on your time, you may be fixated on making something concrete happen in your career right now, and you have a rigid idea of what you wish the outcome to be, how it will happen, and where it will take you.

    This is a process of releasing expectations and having faith that you can move forward in your life, with passion and determination. You are capable of great things, and sometimes it helps to recognize that what you are achieving is not easy, but is still worthwhile.

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    You have the fortitude and resilience to make the best choices, overcome hurdles, and make yourself healthy again. A welcome opportunity arrives after the January 21st Super-moon in Leo, to rejuvenate and renew your energy. The stars align favorably for you this month, this suggests improved circumstances in your career and financial aspects. It is not surprising really, as you are.

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