Gemini born february 8 horoscope

Sun sign dates: March 21 — April Aries Dates.

English name: The Bull. Taurus Dates.

English name: The Twins. Gemini Dates. English name: The Crab. Cancer Dates.

February 8th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

English name: The Lion. Sun sign dates: July 23 — August Leo Dates. English name: The Maiden or Virgin. Sun sign dates: August 23 — September Virgo Dates. English name: The Scales. Sun sign dates: September 23 — October Libra Dates. English name: The Scorpion. Sun sign dates: October 23 — November Scorpio Dates.

English name: The Archer.

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Sun sign dates: November 22 — December Sagittarius Dates. English name: The Goat or Sea-Goat. Persons with ascendant Scorpio are in the mood for passion. It does Ascendant Sagittarius. Far away countries, distant cultures and new experiences: the big w Ascendant Capricorn. Persons with ascendant Capricorn show exquisite responsibility and Ascendant Aquarius. Idealistic Aquarius as Ascendant catches attention by a creative an Ascendant Pisces. Persons with ascendant Pisces are sensible and have a distinctive i Calculate your chinese zodiac sign.

Zodiac Signs. The traditional western astrology uses twelve signs, so-called zodi Which zodiac signs are a perfect love match? The ascendant is the sign that rises on the eastern horizon at time Chinese Horoscope. Would you like to experience more about the Chinese horoscope and t Moon in the zodiac signs. The third important element in an individual horoscope is the Moon Envy of the Zodiac Signs. Change location? Currently you are on the US site. Go to the UK site?

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Calculate your risign sign Find out more about your personality. Calculate your risign sign Find out more about your personality Scroll down. Home Astrology Ascendants Calculate your ascendant. Video: 10 things about your rising sign Video with music turn on the volume. Written by Kurt Franz Calculate your rising sign Calculate your ascendant, zodiac sign, moon sign and horoscope of birth. The ascendant abbr. AC is the zodiac sign that rises in the eastern horizon at birth. Month Jan.

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May Jun. Year Helena St.

Lucia St. Martin St. Outlying Islands U. Burning the candle at both ends in pursuit of an illusory goal could be dangerous. You won't lack for energy today but there is a danger you could go too far or do too much. That applies in particular to partnerships. If something you are working on with others is costing you more than you expected it might be time for a rethink. Some sort of domestic upheaval is likely today but you must not overreact. Stay calm and resist the urge to say things that will only add fuel to the fire. The best way to bring peace back to your home life is to consciously avoid giving offense.

You may be in the mood to have fun but before you begin you must make sure you have done everything that is expected of you. If you leave a task half-finished it will prey on your mind and spoil whatever social activities you have planned. The sooner you recognize that perfection is an impossibility the better it will be for you.

It's one thing to have high standards but quite another to expect that you must never fall short of them. Be kind to yourself, and others, today. Today's sun-Pluto link will boost your energy and help you push ahead with your plans but it will also remind you that the best way to get ahead is to join with people who share your aims and ambitions. You can't do it all on your own. If you owe someone a favour now is the time to repay it.

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If you don't take this chance to balance the books it could have a negative impact on your reputation. Don't risk losing the respect of someone who should be a firm friend.

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Do what someone in a position of power asks of you today, even if you think their request is a bit of a liberty. The planets indicate that if you show willing now you are much less likely to be put on the spot by them later on. The most important thing today is that you have a clear idea of what it is you are aiming for.