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First of all, be one of his best news sources.

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Before you meet up with him, call him with something you just heard on Reuters. Leave a voice mail on his office phone with a late-breaking story, or fax over clippings from a newspaper on a topic that interests him greatly. Keep in mind that Gemini needs constant variety and change; the more surprising and spontaneous you are, the more he will love you.

The 7 Fundamental Gemini Traits, Explained

Never reveal everything about yourself to a Gemini, for once they get the idea there is nothing new to discover, they will be tempted to look elsewhere. Gemini men have a deep need to try and figure you out, so keep him guessing! Be verbal in bed during lovemaking. This will really turn him on.

Gemini Men Characteristics

Gemini is a highly-intelligent sign, stimulated by both exciting talk and the written word, and appealing to his mind and imagination will keep your sex life lively. Try reading passages from a sexy novel. Make sure the novel has some literary value—if it is too trashy, he will wonder about your educational level, another important aspect to smart Gemini. Also, try leaving love notes in his suit pockets, his briefcase or anywhere he might casually come across them.

Few signs appreciate the now-dead art of writing love letters more than a Gemini. Treat your Gemini man to a massage with a subtly-fragranced oil to reduce his nervous tension. He is ruled by Mercury, the planet controlling the entire nervous system, and his nerves get jangled easily. Pay particular attention to his hands, for they are susceptible to stress probably because he is at the keyboard so much.

Geminis always appear to be far younger than their years and have great charisma. To best bring out this boyish charm, flirt with him.

Catch him if you can

Gemini is the best flirt of the zodiac and he will flirt right back. No doubt he will be sitting at his computer while you talk with him, for Gemini always does two things at once. As he sits there, intently pounding out his great American novel, seduce him while he is working.

Gemini Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

Slowly unbutton his shirt as you stand behind his chair and rub his chest. Soon he will be putty in your hands. Gemini is symbolized by the twins flying through the air, and your Gemini man is happiest when flying to some distant city. Surprise him with tickets for two to a far-away island. In social circles, Gemini man is stunningly popular ones, and what contributes a lot to his popularity is his creativity.

Gemini man is imaginative and can think out of the box and come up with practical and innovative solutions or recommendations.

Cancer man dating gemini woman

As the attention span is very limited, Gemini zodiac man may not be very good at doing in-depth analysis and focusing on minute details. This may become a major block in his path when he want to reach great heights in life. If such is the case with you, you shall greatly profit from trying the Birth Chart based service Career or Business Strengths Reading. The dual nature of a Gemini man may be difficult for others to comprehend and you may feel that you are dealing with more than one person — all at the same time. While dealing with a Gemini, be prepared to handle his impatience and restlessness.

Always on the move, the Gemini man love adventure and variety and love to be in the company who are interested in exploring the unexplored. He is not meant to follow a fixed routine or a fixed pattern of thinking. Also Read Gemini Woman. Aries Horoscope. Leo Horoscope.

Understanding Gemini Men

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