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Jupiter transits Aquarius December 20th- most of North Node transits Gemini May 5th- through January 12 - Saturn conjunct Pluto 22 degree Capricorn. January 24 - new moon Aquarius 4 degrees square Uranus, conjunct mercury, sextile mars. Feb 9th - full moon Leo 20 degrees trine mars.

March 20 - Mars conjunct Jupiter 22 degrees Capricorn.

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March 23 - Mars conjunct Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn. March 31 - Mars conjunct Saturn 0 degrees Aquarius. April 4- Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn.

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April 8 - full moon Libra square Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. Artistic and career pursuits may change in significant ways, forcing us to adapt—hopefully for the better. Uranus retrograde can feel chaotic especially for those who thrive by sticking to a plan , but ultimately it teaches us to question what we want. As the summer beings to wind down, Virgo season guides us into a place with a little more routine and structure. This is a good time to make concrete plans to accomplish your next goal. Appropriately, Virgo season corresponds with back-to-school time.

No matter how far out of school you are, this is the perfect opportunity to get organized and reset. Routines, especially those related to health and wellness, come back into play. Setting up your goals for the rest of the year will prepare you for success. Analytical Virgo and mystical Pisces may seem like an unlikely duo, but they actually make a great pair as opposites on the zodiac wheel, they are natural compliments to each other.

During this lunation, your goals seems a little more magical and inspired, and even your wildest dreams seem to have a roadmap. Embrace this powerful balance to stoke both your ambition and your creativity.

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Mars only goes retrograde once every two years, so the effects can be overwhelming. Mars is the planet of action, and during retrograde, things can seem to grind to a halt. Plans and decisions seem to drag on, and the path to any goal is anything but straightforward. Looking inward, this is a good time to reevaluate any areas of your life where you feel angry or volatile.

Diligence and details are themes for this earthy new moon. Intentions around work and health are particularly powerful things to manifest right now. Just remember to create some healthy boundaries for a more well-rounded existence. The fall equinox represents the day we begin to shift focus from embracing our gifts and talents to thinking about how we can use them to benefit ourselves. Transitional seasons like this one are important to remember to breathe, take stock, and consider the future. Libra season, represented by the scales, is the month to find a sense of balance.

Libra is also ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, so take in some art or culture for an extra dose of inspiration. An Aries moon always brings a sense of excitement and energy.

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Just be sure to read the fine print and look at the details before you pull the trigger on anything. This moon is more about enthusiasm than practicality. For its final retrograde of the year, Mercury will turn retrograde in Scorpio, challenging your communication with… yourself! You may find it exceptionally difficult to do any deep shadow work during this time. Conversations with intimate partners need extra care right now.

Stay present and wait for the future to unfold. You may struggle to share the dark side of yourself in order to keep things peaceful; use this moon as a catalyst to be honest about all your feelings, both good and bad. This is the season to get real. The season of the scorpion is when we do the deep dives and shadow work that balances our light and dark. The struggle is definitely real, but we emerge stronger and more powerful.

This Halloween full moon arrives to illuminate all the shadowy figures in the night! Because Scorpio season is all about looking at the dark side and challenging our inner worlds, tonight is the perfect culmination of that work. Shining a light on our demons and taking them out to play is what Halloween is about after all! Taking time to engage in your inner world is important right now. A new moon in Scorpio is a great time to do some self-evaluation, allowing your dark side to come into the light for growth.

Worldly Sagittarius a sign that has an intense desire to grow and learn. While last month was about going within, Sagittarius season is about expanding without. It can be hard to stick with a routine during this time, so embrace the power of spontaneity. This time of year can be difficult for many people without traditional or comfortable families.

A full moon in Gemini reminds us of the power to choose our own communities and revel in the bonds that we create. You might feel like you have powers of communication right now, especially when it comes to sharing ideas and philosophies. Many of us have been looking inward lately, but this new moon in philosophical Sagittarius encourages us to look beyond. We might be using our newfound sense of self to question our belief systems, creating a perfect moment to deepen our spirituality.

Sagittarian energy is all about questions and curiosity, so crack open some books and start expanding your horizon! Capricorn season is about business, working toward your goals, and activating your professional power.

Simply put, how can you be CEO of your own life? The challenge this season is to balance priorities, but if you stay focused, there are major strides to be had. Saturn is in deep-thinking Sagittarius, and it's spending time in a very private, hidden area of your chart. As such, it's pushing you to face your fears and think about things you usually prefer not to dwell on. Today, when Jupiter and Saturn clash, you'll have to be brave if you're going to be able to reach the next level in your success. Today also brings the lunar eclipse in Libra.

This eclipse will be activating the sector of your chart that rules fame and fortune. Eclipses tear things away from us that are no longer serving us or helping us grow and, again, they show us things in a new light. Your career, you reputation, and your popularity will all be touched by the eclipse, and you'll see things in a way you hadn't been able to before.

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The eclipse will certainly bring some news around whatever it is you've been working your butt off for. Also expect to understand how people view you from a new perspective. And remember to keep an open mind today, despite the Sun and Mercury's know-it-all influence over you. The eclipse on March 23 will certainly bring some news around whatever it is you've been working your butt off for. On March 25, your ruling planet Saturn turns retrograde, and lovely Venus opposes Jupiter and then squares Saturn— that's a lot of tense action for sweet Venus, so today will be interesting.

The eclipses this month will show you your world in a new light.

Again, Venus is in Pisces, activating the sector of your chart that rules communication, so today will bring some interesting lessons and shifts around that area of life. Venus' opposition to Jupiter will push you to find a balance between obsessing over the details and only looking at the big picture. Like, you may not need to obsess over exactly how much money, down to the cent, you have in your bank account all the time; however, generally hoping you'll survive until the next paycheck isn't ideal either— there is a middle ground, Capricorn, and today you'll be pushed to find it and in any area of your life, not just regarding money.

Venus' square to Saturn will push you to address some repressed feelings and come to terms with some of the blocks and obstacles in your life that you're still learning to overcome.

Saturn is the planet of fear and confinement, so being in a tense angle with sweet Venus can feel very defeating— but, Capricorn, you are not one to be defeated. Feelings of defeat could come up on March 25, but you're a freaking goat, Capricorn—you can climb over any obstacle. You'll see your weak spots today, but instead of hating or denying that side of yourself, I want you to love yourself even more and forgive yourself for not being perfect.