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The BL may be ahead of or behind the JL, and they can be several houses apart, but usually they are in the same house. Renowned Vedic astrologer Pt. Some astrologers have conjectured that if the BL is in a house apart from the JL, the deeper purpose of life and the sense of self may not correspond to what is shown by the JL, but this is quite subjective and I have not been able to find a consistent thread to be able to say this is always true.

In some cases it seems to be true, and related to this incongruence there often can be some deep ongoing struggle to adapt and adjust oneself to the circumstances of life. However, many who have the JL and BL aligned also experience similar struggles, so a great deal more research is needed. Aspects and conjunctions of grahas and arudha padas with the BL, along with its house, sign, nakshatra and dispositor placements, can add additional flavor to chart analysis.

One of the greatest and most famous and superficially successful psychic astrologers of all time was Jeane Dixon, whose chart has Taurus JL worldly success and renown , but the BL is Pisces 11H where Ketu is also located, and this reflects her immense prophetic ability which she always attributed to God, which was the foundation of her worldly success, as well. However, his inner nature is governed by a BL in Leo, Magha nakshatra, which though in the 12H is still a powerful nakshatra which relates to dominion and power. Also it is interesting that Leo holds the 3P and 10P arudha padas of the third and tenth houses indicating his career in sports.

A client of mine has Leo JL with Pluto, and many see him as having a powerful and outgoing persona, but in actuality he is within himself quite reserved and an introvert, having BL in Cancer 12H. He has had many struggles with his self-image throughout life. She is often misunderstood by others, as well; that is, she is perceived in a very different light from the way she sees herself. Charts not shown I have several charts of clients who struggle with serious mental illness, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. One with unremitting schizophrenia has Virgo JL with fairly strong and auspicious chart lord Mercury, but the BL is Libra ruled by a very weak Venus in a planetary war with Jupiter.

His overinflated sense of self is vastly out of touch with his behavior and the way others perceive him.

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There is, however, some ongoing difficulty with self-esteem. Charts not shown I hope this article has sparked your interest in the Bhava Lagna enough that you will do some research on it yourself! This is something to look at when you see a chart for great success, especially when you cannot understand on surface why there is such success.

Though this article does not address details of the Hora and Ghatika Lagnas, do keep this dictum in mind for further studies. Juliana Swanson Biography. Juliana Swanson is a registered nurse RN , healer, astrologer, mother, and wife. She runs her astrological consulting and holistic healing practices, which combine polarity therapy and rebirthing-breathwork, from her home office in Lexington, Kentucky. In addition, she tutors Vedic astrology students both individually and as an online instructor for the American College of Vedic Astrology and the International Academy of Astrology.

Click Here to get a detailed Consultation from Top Astrologer. But we never know where we stand in our prediction for any future event, whereas for past we can always take average, or apply different systems to know why that event happened. So it is suggested thatone should adopt one system and practice more and more to bring it close to the line of reality. Unlike Physics and Chemistry and like any behavioral science, astrology is an empirical science; that is the rules are based on statistics.

They are not correct for any horoscope any time.


This is true not only for astrology but for any predictive science. Further, the rules that we are using have not been checked for accuracy and relevance in modern times. We are using them as we found in old texts, even when many correlating factors have been lost during the last years or more. The rules when tested on large data in future will definitely give rise to better framed rules and accuracy in astrology will be more. Which is the best predictive science — astrology, palmistry, numerology or any other and why?

Compared to all other predictive sciences, Indian system of astrology is known for its accuracy, reliability and indepth analysis. Other systems are used either in the absence of reliable birth data, or in the absence of its interpretation. Astrology is the only system where predictions can be made precisely with time.

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  • The planets move as per their nirayana value in the sky. Chaitrapaksha Ayanamsa, popularly known as Lahiri Ayanamsa, only has the scientific approval of the international astronomers and this should only be used, irrespective of what results you get astrologically. You should modify your astrological rules to suit the astronomical computations, but not vice versa.

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    Should we rely on dasha or Gochar? If Dasha is good and Gochar is bad then what will be the result? Dasha and Gochar, both are equally important in determining the event in a horoscope. However Gochar can be accurately known, but Dasha is very sensitive to time of birth and cannot be accurately fixed. Secondly, there are too many kinds of known dasha systems and we do not know for sure which dasha should be applied, when doubts on Ayanamsa also takes away its authenticity.

    Further Dasha is normally dependent upon Moon degrees only and it ignores rest of the planets. All these shortcomings are not there in the transit system.

    Hence basing the predictions on transits normally give better results, unless it has been checked that the dasha system is working properly on the given horoscope. While we are studying both Dasha and Gochar, we can take dasha to specify the event of transit to specify its strength. If both are favourable or unfavourable then the event occurs with full force. If Dasha is good and transit bad or vice versa, then the results are not clear.

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    Many exalted planets have been seen in the horoscope of a poor man and debilitated planets in a rich man's horoscope. Moreover, the native with many exalted planets is a man of principles and unfit for worldy success. One or two debilitated planets help the native to aquire wealth by improper means in this kali yuga. It is said that Lagna calculation is dependent on place, whereas planet degree calculation is independent of it.

    But when we compute lagna by converting time to IST and compute planet degrees without conversion, we get wrong values.


    What is the correct method? It is rightly said that Lagna is dependent on place of birth, whereas planet degrees are independent of it, because they are computed for the centre of the earth. Ephemeris shows planet degrees for a given time zone like IST. So the time of birth must be converted to IST to use such tables. Accuracy of the results computed can be verified by checking that Sun has to be in 10th house at noon, in 1st house in the morning, in 7th house in the evening and in 4th house at midnight. This is irrespective of the place of birth.

    Shodashvarga system was propounded by our sages in such a manner that exact position of the planets could be ascertained without assigning any degree value to it. Secondly, these Vargas have not been made like we make today. Then we only assigned lordship and lordship signified the results of that planet. These vargas should not be taken at par with Lagna chart and should not be used in predictions like supplement to lagna chart, unless some yoga specifies the results of a planet in a particular varga.

    In practice, these vargas confuse a general astrologer. He starts taking the planet's exaltation or debilitation. He also starts taking aspects and placement of other planets with the planet, thus deviating from the basic results. In Indian system planet is most important and house is next to the planet in importance. This is probably to make things easier. Planet in a house makes significance in prediction, whereas planet in sign only gives knowledge about its strength.

    Does one get affected by some one else's horoscope? If yes, then what is the sanctity of the horoscope? Like one is affected by planets, he is affected by any other item in his vicinity. Every body has a gravitational pull — small or large. Effect of planets is visible because of their large mass.


    Stars of much higher mass do not have that much of effect because of their large distance. Secondly, our power of computation is limited. Just the nine planets and twelve signs make so many combinations that it is difficult to correlate them with life. Horoscope having just nine planets is not the complete representation of what we are.

    Deviations to it due to others — living or non living — can be adjusted by studying the past and fitting that to the planet's effects.

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    In brief, presence of others does not destroy the importance of the horoscope. If in one accident many lives are taken, does that indicate similarity in everyones horoscope? The horoscope of the place or a vehicle in which passengers are travelling, supersedes the horoscopes of the natives. Hence, in a calamity everyone's horoscope does not necessarily indicate death. However, this point needs further research and views from the readers.