Bhava meaning in astrology

Guru — husband. Success, higher knowledge, philosophy, gurus, long trips, pilgrimages, happiness, religion, devotional service, meditation, prayer, father, God, happy destiny, proper actions, ethics, law, divine love, higher education institutions, a link with the divine, legislation, public authorities, chiefs, charity, justice, prosperity. Surya - father.

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Career, status, purpose in life, profession, popularity, reputation, ambition, authority. Surya - fame, prestige. Earnings, income, pleasant options, cash turnower, friends, allies, winnings, welfare, goals, ambitions, the image, business.

House in Vedic Astrology

When in a horoscope sixth, eighth and twelfth Lords are sitting in one of these houses then they form a Vipreet Raj Yoga. These Yogas are formed in such as way that the placement of planets are in such a position that they reduce the negative impact, thus acting in an opposite or Vipreet way. These Yogas are hence called Vipreet Raj Yoga. In a way, the native gets help in increasing positivity in his life through this Yoga.

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When sixth, eighth or twelfth Lords are placed in the twelfth house or twelfth Lord is placed in the sixth or eighth house then they form a Vimal Raj Yoga. In Vimal Raj Yoga 12th house is given importance. All the expenses are seen from the twelfth house.

Importance of Bhava

When this house makes contact with the sixth or eighth house, the native gets results according to the nature of these planets, which are inauspicious results. Those born with Vimal Yoga are independent in nature and believe in themselves. They do not rely on others. They leave no stone unturned to achieve their goals.

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They try with full vigour till they succeed. They tend to think more about themselves due to the presence of Vimal Yoga. Being related to the eighth house they try to unravel deep secrets of life. They try to keep a tab on their expenses. These natives stay away from flamboyance.

They will face health issues, mental issues and may also have blood-related problems. These native try to remain happy and cleverly save money for themselves. They lead a virtuous life and take part in social engagements which are well appreciated. Family members: husband, wife, second child, third younger brother or sister. Body parts: basti area, colon, internal sexual organs. Longevity, transformation, the gap, the mechanics of nature, the cognition of the structuring dynamics of consciousness,, the experience of the constitution of the universe, knowledge of past, present and future, transcendence, siddhis, regeneration, rebirth, discontinuation, dangers, chronic ailments, agonies, accidents, enemies, mode of death, wealth of the spouse, unearned wealth, inheritance, underground places, hidden treasures, everything hidden, mysteries of life and "death," overseas journeys.

Family members: family of the spouse. Body parts: external sexual organs. Dharma - Spirituality. Dharma, support of nature, merits from past lives, fortunes, wisdom, Vedic Science, meditation, yagya, tapas, life philosophy, world view, faith, religion, worship, piety, morality, ethics, higher education, professional training, children, solution to problems, visits to shrines, pilgrimages, foreign travels, air travels, the guru.

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Family members: brother's wife, wife's brother, children, grandchildren, fourth younger brother or sister. Body parts: thighs, hips.

Characteristics of the Twelve houses in Astrology | Zodiac Horoscope

Karma - Activity. Family member: father. Body parts: knees, spine.

Shad bala in Vedic Astrology part 1-6 (6 fold strenght) (Rashi Bal)

Labha - Income. Income, gains, profits, all articles, prosperity, long-term desires, fulfilment of desires, fulfilment of dreams and ambitions in life, good news, auspicious events, elder brothers and sisters, air travel, favourites, circle of friends, community, club-life, quadrupeds; the lord of the eleventh house stands for difficulties and diseases. Family members: elder brothers and sisters, elder brother or sister directly above the native, son's wife, fifth younger brother or sister.

Body parts: calves, ankles, left ear.